How ISO 17025 Requirements Will Revolutionize Cannabis Testing and Consumer Safety

In the past, there was little control over the quality or safety of cannabis when purchasing on the street. Now that legalized sellers are offering it from their pharmacies, consumers want to be assured that they are only purchasing products from manufacturers that are conforming to safety requirements and regulations.

As each state moves forward, regulatory bodies are making rules more stringent, as the safety of the public is most important. If you work in the industry or are a consumer that this may affect, you may be curious as to how new ISO 17025 requirements for this industry will revolutionize cannabis testing and consumer safety.

ISO 17025 is a quality standard used around the world to audit testing and calibration laboratories. Once audited, labs must adhere to this standard in order to hold this accreditation. This standard confirms that a lab is technically competent.

For cannabis manufacturers to prove the products they produce are safe and pure, the products should be tested by a non-bias third-party ISO 17025 certified laboratory.  They will hire the ISO 17025 accredited laboratory to test the cannabis that will be going on the market.  The results must return from testing prior to product release. 

Products should be tested for potency to ensure each dose contains the amount of active ingredient stated on the label.  Additionally, products should be tested for yeast and mold to ensure no harmful bacteria exist which may endanger consumer safety.   Some manufacturers choose to include additional finished product tests such as terpene profiles or residual solvents.  These tests empower consumers by giving them a choice to be completely informed about their products.

The ISO 17025 standard is perhaps one of the most important standards for a testing laboratory. There are certain requirements that the lab must conform to. These include demonstrating an ability of technicians to be technically proficient, providing accurate and precise calibration data and test data, and maintaining the equipment they use in the lab.  It also includes documentation that processes are conducted the same way each time they are conducted, to ensure consistency in results.

If you are a consumer who will be purchasing cannabis, you’ll be benefitting from these new requirements. Any risk from poorly manufactured cannabis will be decreased when it’s been tested by a laboratory who has a good quality control system.

One additional benefit is that testing is recorded so that expensive retesting can be avoided on products that have already been tested. The consumer will appreciate how their confidence will grow in one branded manufacturer.

An ISO 17025 compliant laboratory works independently of all manufacturers. The testing and calibration have been assessed by an impartial third party.

As the knowledge of ISO 17025 compliance is being rolled out to all cannabis manufacturers, potential patients and consumers of this product will be seeking to purchase from businesses that provide cannabis from GMP suppliers that conform to these standards.

Once more manufacturers use labs with ISO 17025, more quality cannabis will be available. Consumers will gain a stronger trust in the industry.

If you’re a cannabis manufacturer and want to learn more about how ISO 17025 will benefit your business, please contact us today.