Dear Cannabis Manufacturer: Why Following GMP Saves Your Company Money in the Long Run

Having your cannabis manufacturing facility follow GMP–Good Manufacturing Practices–can save you money in the long run. It’s tempting to try and cut corners by operating without a QA department, but you should be aware that there are many concerns that can cost you money and consumer trust in the longterm.

Failure to follow GMP may result in poor quality cannabis medicine or natural medicine products. It may be acceptable in the junk food industry to sell poorly tasting products of no nutritional value but can be a health hazard when selling pharmaceuticals. There is also the risk that this can cost you money as bad batches may need to be destroyed.

Poor quality cannabis products may also impact patients’ and consumers’ health. They could contain the wrong amount of chemical compounds, or they may contain toxins that can damage their health. If the medicine has few of the beneficial compounds or ingredients that have been listed on the packaging, it may not have the desired therapeutic effect.  If there is too high a concentration of active compounds, the medicine could have unwanted effects which cause harm to a patient.

Many dispensaries will only accept cannabis products from cannabis manufacturing facilities that conform to GMP. It may be difficult finding businesses that will buy your product. GMP has been designed to help your facility conform to safety and quality standards, and minimize the risks in the final product.

Your facility may lose its trust with dispensaries or consumers over time, which can result in lost profits for your business, as they’ll no longer want to order from you. Instead, they’ll head to your competitor who does have GMP.

There may also be lawsuits that result, if you provide cannabis products that do not do as advertised, or do not contain the chemicals or compounds listed. If they contain toxins, people who’ve been adversely affected may sue your facility for damages.

When you have a cannabis manufacturing facility it’s important to build good quality control into the process. Your final product can not be adjusted afterwards. GMP can also ensure that each unit of your cannabis medicine or product will be the same quality as every other unit of medicine in any batch.

It’s important to budget your business for GMP. You should know that making poor quality products will not save you money in the longterm. It can be an expensive process discovering these products won’t be accepted in the legal cannabis market, and that you’ll have to destroy them. It’s also important to maintain a high level of trust and reputation with your cannabis retailers and the consumers.

If your cannabis extract or natural medicine business needs assistance in implementing quality assurance measures for your production floor, Compliance Naturally has experience in helping small companies meet GMP regulations, even on a budget.

We can guide your through every step of the process so that you can show other companies that you have GMP, and that you have passed a tough audit to get your products on the market.