Quality Assurance vs Quality Control Departments: How They’re Different & Why Both Are Necessary

When you’re setting up your cannabis manufacturing facility you want to know that it will conform to all regulations and certifications to ensure that you only sell the most effective and safe cannabis products to dispensaries. There are many different terms you may hear when doing your research. You may have heard how you need a quality assurance department and a quality control department. They sound similar, but both play much different roles in a facility. If you want to run a successful operation than both are also necessary.

Quality assurance is a big term that covers everything that can affect the quality of your cannabis products. The aim of this wide concept will result in the best cannabis products when used in the quantities prescribed.

There are a few objectives for quality assurance. One is that for the person who is prescribing or using the medication that the exact same effects in the same amount of dosages will result, even when taking it at different times.

QA will also protect patients and users from any manufacturing defects in the product, including design, storage, and instructions.

QA also follows compliance with laws regarding cannabis, and it also offers protection to the manufacturing facility.

Quality control, or QC, is the actual process that reviews the factors involved in cannabis production.

QC can involve specific controls in the process, including management, performance, and records. There is a strong focus on the knowledge and training of all people who work in the facility, including ensuring they have the knowledge, skills, qualifications, and experience to do their jobs.

There may be various factors that can affect QC too, including relationships within the facility, the organizational structure, and team spirit.

Inspection is a part of the quality control. This means that the actual product is not only examined visually, but that its purpose is examined too. Product inspections may be done with checklists. There may be certain unacceptable standards that would render the product unsuitable for the market.

Where it gets tricky is understanding the difference between QA and QC. These are both aspects of good quality management. They are both interrelated, but are also different. Both QA and QC are parts of quality management.

Quality assurance is that part of quality management that provides the confidence to your cannabis products that quality requirements will be met. These quality requirements are to not only satisfy the management of the business, but also to satisfy the requirements of the cannabis consumer, FDA, and other third parties. Quality assurance focuses on the processes themselves.

Quality control is another part of quality management that focuses on fulfilling the quality requirements of your cannabis products. QC is product oriented.

Quality assurance is to be sure that you are doing the right processes and in the right way, while quality control is to ensure that your products are the best they can be.

This a can be a tricky topic, so if you have any questions, or need assistance is setting up your QA and QC departments for your cannabis business, please contact Compliance Naturally today.