The Importance of Requesting a Certificate of Analysis on Finished Cannabis Products Before Consuming

People who are consuming cannabis products for any reason must be careful when searching for a quality pharmacy that provides safe and legal sources of cannabis products. No matter what types of products they’re seeking—dried, oil, extract, butter, etc.—these products should have been produced through GMP—Good Manufacturing Practices. One of the best ways to determine if a cannabis product follows safety compliance for consumption is through a CoA, or Certificate of Analysis.

This certificate is supplied with the products and can be requested by a purchaser of these products. In order for a manufacturer to qualify for a certificate, their cannabis products must be tested by an impartial third party laboratory that has no connection to the products or the stores.

The laboratory will adhere to standard operating procedures to determine the safety and efficacy of the product. The labs adhere to a strict standard operating procedure guide so that the results would be the same for the same value of product, even when tested again and again. It’s possible that a product might fail testing, so differences are taken seriously. After they’ve done their testing, they’ll provides a detailed report and a certificate for compliance if it has passed.

A certificate will then be supplied for the product. This is attached to the lot or production batch of the product. Each type of product requires a separate certificate.

The certificates are attached to the pertinent products, then sent off to the cannabis business or pharmacy, where they’re placed on shelves. The customer can then request to see a copy of this certificate before making their selections or choosing one over another.

It’s imperative that the CoA is checked. First, if the product doesn’t have one, there are no guarantees that it is truly cannabis, that it’s been manufactured in a safe manner, is free from harmful pesticides, or doesn’t have excessive chemicals which can be harmful.

A patient who relies on the efficacy of a product must also be confident that they’re spending money on a product that actually works, and not a placebo.

There can also be other concerns with cannabis products. Something that contains higher amounts of chemicals can put the person’s life or well-being at risk. If there is an incorrect dosage, a person may feel anxious, scared, or confused.

Every single product available on a cannabis site’s menu, or in-store, needs to have a CoA. Usually, a simplified version is attached to the product, whereas a more technical one will be available to scientists, just as with prescription medication.

The main purpose of the CoA is to provide secure knowledge to the cannabis consumer, so that every product available for sale has been certified by an outside lab, and that the product has passed testing for safety, contaminants, and chemical content.