Why It’s Easier to Start GMP When You’re a Small Company Than When You’re a Large Company

If you’re in the process of setting up a small cannabis-related company, now is the best time to start GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices. Not only do these help with the efficient operation of your manufacturing facility, they can help with every aspect of your operation, including helping to license and regulate your operation.

Many companies may wonder if they should implement GMP now, or wait until they’re a larger company. It makes sense to start right at the beginning.


Tightening Quality Regulations

The cannabis industry is changing and evolving. Even smaller operations may soon need to practice GMP. It’s cost-effective to start at the beginning, rather than try to adapt an already-existing facility to conform to GMP.

Every aspect of your operation will be examined. GMP provides the guidelines to help you get your operation licensed and approved.


GMP is Complex

GMP can involve a complex set of processes. These are much simpler to set up for a smaller company. It can involve the facility design, layout, and equipment. Should your company grow and you already have GMP set in place, you won’t have to replace your current facility design, change the layout or upgrade the equipment.

If you implement GMP at the beginning, you’ll also be ensuring that your facility design and layout is best, and you’ll be purchasing equipment that will conform to GMP, and that is high-quality and will last a long time.


Equipment Design and Placement

Starting GMP is also easier when you’re choosing your equipment design and placement in your facility. This equipment is designed specifically for the products you are producing. The equipment is placed in a room that’s kept locked. The storage of products is also a factor, including temperature, size of a warehouse, and placement of materials. This must also have controlled access.

The surfaces that touch your materials need to be nonreactive, non-additive, and non-absorbent to your raw materials or the finished products. This is to minimize the chances that your products can be contaminated.


Greater Chances of Growth

When management and workers already understand GMP in a small facility, your company will be better equipped to expand in the future. Every worker will already be trained in GMP and know exactly how to operate in a safe and effective way. The written procedures will already be in place, and be applicable to whether you’re producing a small batch, or larger quantities.

If you’re running a small company, it’ll be much easier to start GMP now, rather than waiting to do it for when you’re a larger company. GMP affects every aspect of your operation, and it will be much simpler and cost-effective to do it now. It’s also easier for a smaller management team and workers to be trained and understand the processes involved. GMP can even help your company to succeed, as investors will be checking every aspect of your operation.